My business

Dear Sir/ Madame,

We (re)design in Europe antique reproductions and manufacture in our factory in Java.

Over 300 workers, EU management, a Belgian head office and 3 plants on Java.

Magellaan collection.

This award winning collection consist of over 600 HANDMADE models with unique European antique own developed DESIGNS.

Manufactured following the EU, USA and AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS, with European RECLAIMED pine or reclaimed hardwood.

We are specialised as well in HANDPOLISHED antiqued finishes in the traditional high end way, like done in the OLD EUROPE

>>> Is a handmade antique reproduction line suitable for you?

Worldwide container direct sales

The Magellaan collection is already sold in over 30 states in USA and Canada, in Brazil, in many EU countries, to South Africa, to the Emirates .

And we are starting up in Australia.

 Website (, ,,

Please send us your email so we can send you access code to see all of our products in our website with your specific access code.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards


Tri yatmoko

PT. Antique Nusantara

Mojokerto East Java


+62 (321) 597200

Antique Furniture


1 Komentar

  1. 2 Desember 2014 pada 3:10 pm

    boleh minta kontak emailnya pak tri..
    terima kasih

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