Marketing plan for exhibition

Kita akan mengadakan pameran di Singapur bulan Maret 09. Kemaren Boss minta saran ke saya, begini emailnya:

Mr. Tri,
As you know we are planning to do the Singapore exhibition.
We need to do some Marketing actions.
When YOU  were in charge of this event, what would be the marketing plan….?
I sincerely would like to give your opinion and suggestions.
Sample container.
Also we do need to sell the sample container.
Any suggestions in that direction, how to handle?
At the end I would like to create a plan to do to marketing before, at and after the Sgp show.
And secondly I would like you to assist in this marketing job.
Thanks in advance

——————- (o) —————-

Dengan pengalaman boss yang puluhan tahun sepertinya ganjil juga dia tanya masalah itu, tentunya dia lebih pengalaman dalam persiapan pameran kecuali untuk masalah handle barang sisa pameran, perlu penanganan khusus. Berikut ini saran yang bisa aku berikan untuk persiapan pameran dan solusi pengembalian sisa barang pameran (dengan menggunakan prosedur eksport sementara);

Marketing/ exhibition planning
 – Perhaps most obviously,this plan decide on a budget and start researching the right show for the business
– Set a realistic time frame in which to complete all pre-show tasks
– Confirm our specific goals for attending the show – for example it could be to generate 50 potential qualified new sales leads, showing 25 demo’s of our product, to make 5 direct sales, to generate media coverage, to invite 5 key journalists to our stand
– Decide on a theme for our event – how are we going to entice visitors to our stand? What give-aways are we going to offer and where shall we source them from? For example; the most useful give-away to be a carrier bag to put all the free pens or brochures in! (Make sure we get our logo (magellaan, etc) and web address prominently displayed on both sides of the bags!)
– Make sure we have sufficient and relevant marketing literature to hand out at the show – but once at the show make sure we only display say 10 brochures and give-aways at a time – this means our stand wont look cluttered – but remember to replenish our stock!
– Write a press kit and send it to relevant journalists in preparation for our pre-show PR (public relation), include a brief company fact sheet, biographies of key employees, client testimonials, a case study snippet, our company logo, some screen shots and a few examples of any previous press releases and of course include contact details of our press/marketing officer
– Product knowledge – we have to capable in it.
– Pre-show PR – invite our clients to visit our stand, inform the local papers and contact specialist trade publication.  Be sure to get a list of pre-registrants and send out an e-mail or postal mail shot inviting them to our stand. Even invite key journalists to come and visit our stand – but remember to entice them beforehand with our Company press-kit. And of course its always the simple things…display the details of the event on our company homepage.
After-show preparation: never underestimate the importance of following up on our contacts and of course sending a simple email to say thank you visiting our stand!
– I would also say that how we arrange the space that has been booked is very important as well. There is’nt necessarily a correlation between amount spent on the stand design / structure to success at an event. I have seen many exhibition stands and  I would say the stands that are simple, have a clear message are the more successful. I have seen stands that are so over the top that people are scared to walk onto them and others that are so empty and dreary that it doesnt get noticed. So make a simple stand.

Sample Container

I don’t have best idea, but I think the most easy is return back the container to Indo (temporary export/ eksport sementara). What I know in import procedur; It’s not need much import surcharge like taxes, entrance charge etc so long as we can showing that the good is return/ rejected from exhibition/ export. Have to connected in an approval data/ document. We can reexport again or sold in Jakarta in International exhibition.
Other idea, if you get outside buyer and wanna direct export that container from Singapore, our shipping agent/ forwarder in Surabaya can handle and issuing the document from sby, by the way phisically the container issued from Singapore, so it’s looked as if that container released from Surabaya. In this situation we need rent space & container in Singapore container depo or container yard (CY) or rent storage temporarely.

Ada yang bisa kasih saran lebih baik ?


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