Exhibition Plan

Dalam merencanakan kegiatan kesertaan pameran diperlukan suatu persiapan yang matang. Berikut contoh check list yang biasanya kami buat sebelum melaksanakan kegiatan pameran yang dalam hal ini adalah pameran furniture berskala internasional.



Marketing and sales team

Frank – preparation exhibition in phoning and mailing.

Tri – organise set up of marketing tools in Pacet office – assist in all aspects

Gentiel – set up of boot in SGP and sales on the fair – partial follow up after fair

Ronald – calling prospects and clients for appointments – pre visits show – selling at boot – and follow up

FIT Sgp office assist – assist calling and in setting up meetings for Ronald/Gentiel and at the boot.


Marketing materials


2009 Magellaan catalogue

Holiday picture book

Price list 2009 container in $ and €

Presentation book best colours and pics

SING Collection catalogue



Magellaan website update pics new models

Magellaan website NEED RE design front page.

Magellaan and Gielen Wolters website need update “exhibition schedule” and “news”


Excel sheets product

PERFECT PIECES collection w pics

VER collection w pics

PORT collection w pics

New SING collection w pics

MAGELLAAN prices only


All sheets with dims and cubes for making container offers.



Stock list and pricelist at showroom



Electronic flyer “Invitation”

Flyer “product(s)”

Flyer “reminder”

Flyer “thank you”



Calling clients and prospects world wide in February.


Pre show Meeting Ronald on 06-08 march

            Fix appointments at the show on 09 – 12 march

            Invite if needed after show to factory from 15 March




Hand outs exhibition

Product Flyer SING collection & Magellaan collection

Excel sheet with stock on floor w pics and prices.

Company flyer GW /AN

Sacks with logo

Collection sheets – price listings

Access codes Magellaan website with ALL collections uploaded.


Journalist – advertisement – advertorials

Press kit at the show

Invite journalist??

Make advertisement in show catalogue.


Boot presentation

Presentation furniture in “lines” or “stand alone”

Light use

Magellaan logo’s (half circle)

Produced by Antique Nusantara pt


After market follow up

1 Thank you mail (input business cards in mailing program).

2. follow up sending info and offers

3. calling for closing deals



Selling containers

1. Sell containers to quality buyers worldwide

2. Second goal: sell our stock container.


How to reach that goal

Pre visits to RETAILERS in SGP and KL w/ quality appointment

Clients Appointments at showroom

Prospects appointments at showroom

Evening meeting with HIGH PROFILE clients



1. Mailings first one end of this month. And last one, reminder end of Feb.

2. Marketing material all done min 2 weeks prior to show. 

One week prior to show Gentiel leaves for SGP.

3. Calling prospects and clients

4. Pre show visits

5. Show exhibition

6. Follow up after show



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